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Chapter 55 decoded




Apologia Poetica - the clues to deciphering Orffyreus’ secret message .

The legend of Bessler’s wheel; his discovery of the secret of making a working gravitywheel and what happened; and his subsequent failure to reveal the secret are described in my book, “Perpetual Motion; An Ancient Mystery Solved?”, available from my website at  This website,, explores the means of deciphering the various coded message found in Chapter 55 of Bessler’s book, “Apologia Poetica” as well as other verbal clues throughout his works.

Many people will be familiar with the discoveries I have made concerning the secret codes hidden in Johann Bessler’s (aka Orffyreus) books published in 1717 and1719, and also the other clues and hints in his unpublished documents. I refer to the discovery of several pentagrams hidden in each of his published drawings and the ubiquity of the numbers 5 and 55. For further information on the codes, go to or for the background to Johann Bessler see my site at

My feeling was that there were too many references to the number 5 to simply assume that it was intended to indicate how many mechanisms might be required within the gravitywheel. I have always maintained that that was one aspect of the number but in fact we are overwhelmed with the appearance of the numbers 5 and 55, encoded in numerous places both within his name and also in every document both published and unpublished.

I believe that these clues were deliberately inserted into his books to point to a certain place where he had hidden a secret message which once deciphered would reveal exactly how his wheels worked. He left many hints that this was his intention and I’m certain that studying the clues will lead to a full understanding of his machine. He stated that he would prefer to die and leave his secret to posterity than give it away for free while he lived, implying that the secret would still be available after his death.

The evidence that he built a genuine gravity-driven wheel is absolutely convincing and many, many people around the world believe that this clean, free technology is waiting to be rediscovered and made use of as an alternative to current energy generation methods.

To aid to those who might feel that they have the necessary expertise in code breaking to reveal the message, I have written down everything that I (think I) have discovered about chapter 55 in the hope that it will lead to a successful outcome – the reconstruction of Bessler’s wheel. My “discoveries” are based on interpreting the various anomalies which pepper Bessler’s publications - ones which deviate from the normal or expected appearance. Such things as sudden and brief changes in font or prose style. I have learned through experience, that these anomalies are deliberate and not errors in printing.

If one wished to leave a secret message hidden within a normal piece of prose there would have to be some way of indentifying which letters or words were required to form the text of the message. In the end the requirements are quite simple. First the relevant piece of text must be identifiable. The particular letter or word has to be ascertainable on a certain line and somewhere within that line. Finally we need to discover any suspicious information which seems either irrelevant, unnecessary or meaningless which might be designed to aid in deciphering the message – such as seven pages containing nothing but 141 references to quotations from the bible.

I am aware that some people will consider this a subjective interpretation of what I believe is a coded message to be deciphered. The purpose of deciphering the code is to try to learn the design of Bessler’s wheel. For myself I have no doubt that most of the explanations given in the following pages are correct and set us on the path towards deciphering his message which will lead to a complete description of what Bessler intended us to discover. But even those who are sceptical will find some reassuring arguments and convincing proof of the code’s existence. If it exists then it can be deciphered and if it is deciphered it will reveal a message written by Bessler. Since it was encoded it must be something he didn’t want the world to know of too soon. That can only be the secret of the wheel’s construction. This is my attempt at making a start to the process.  

That is as far as I’ve got. I have a few other ideas but they are unexplored and not ready for publication at this point, but please treat this web site as an ongoing project and likely to be subject to changes and additions. Any feedback is welcomed.

[Abridged from my forthcoming book “The Orffyreus Code”, and adapted for the internet]

Copyright © 2010 John Collins

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